If you aren’t running every week, you should be!

When it comes to getting a good workout, there’s very few activities that provide the benefits of a run.  It doesn’t cost anything or require hardly any specialized equipment. You can go for a run at any time of the day in just about any area. You can determine the length and intensity of the workout and easily change speed, distance and elevation. Whether you use a treadmill or go for a run outside, you’re going to get your heart pumping and work up a sweat. With a bit of research, it’s not difficult to find a decent running path in the nearby vicinity. Running is an excellent way to quickly build stamina. As a novice runner, just getting started, you might not be able to go very far or very fast. You might need to slow to a walk and speed back up. However, within a short span of time, you’ll notice a steady increase in stamina. You’ll be able to quicken your pace and extend your distance. These swift accomplishments result in feeling good about yourself and encourage you to set bigger goals. You can incorporate an app on your smartphone to track miles and speed. Keeping a log of accomplishments is a great motivator. You can choose certain workouts to strictly focus on increasing pace. On others, you can switch to covering a great deal of distance. Whether you’re running for a single mile or training for a marathon, you need to dress appropriately for the weather. Fluctuation in temperature and humidity can make a big difference. There is specialized running gear on the market that effectively wicks away moisture and allows freedom of movement. You don’t want to be bundled up in heavy or bulky clothing for the sake of keeping warm. Thin layers of clothing are recommended. Good quality running shoes should be a top priority. Running places a lot of stress on the feet, knees and ankles. Quality footwear is invaluable and helps to promote an enjoyable run. Make sure to replace running shoes frequently and don’t forget about the importance of proper hydration. Running may seem intuitive, but don’t rule out the importance of learning more and talking with a fitness professional.

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