The benefits of resistance bands

I’ve been hearing more and more about the many benefits of resistance bands. At first, I doubted that such a simple device could provide much help with strength training. After giving it a try, I’ve realized that one simple band can effectively target all the major muscle groups and cater to different fitness levels. Resistance bands are constructed from surgical tubing and were originally intended for muscle rehabilitation. They are a common piece of equipment in any senior citizen fitness class. A conventional dumbbell might offer a heavy lift and weight machines are certainly convenient but they don’t deliver much in the way of versatility. A resistance band offers nearly limitless options. The potential of the bands makes them a more efficient and effective tool. When utilizing a dumbell, a bicep curl is a structured motion and requires exertion of the same muscles over and over. The instability of a resistance band works muscle fibers throughout the arms and shoulders, requiring all of them to engage. There’s also the benefit that a good quality band is available for under twenty dollars. You can pack a band in your purse, backpack or suitcase. Small and light, a band can be taken to work, carried outside or provide a training tool on vacation. The conventional resistance band is a long cylindrical tube featuring a plastic handle at each end. You can buy bands in a variety of thicknesses, which changes the difficulty level.  There are now braided tubes on the market that feature four strands woven together to increase durability. There are flat bands that are helpful for physical therapy and older individuals The Superband is often used for partner training. With a resistance band, you aren’t fighting gravity. Unlike traditional weightlifting, the band offers resistance in both directions. An advantage is that you can copy everyday movements such as reaching for an item up high, opening a door, starting the push mower or swinging a golf club.  If you aren’t interested in buying your own resistance bands you should look into a local gym near you!

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